What type of credit card should you get?

The best credit card deal depends on your financial situation and how you want to use it.

Some credit cards can be repaid interest free, and you can use them to:

  • Pay off your existing credit card debts with a balance transfer
  • Pay off your overdraft or loan with a money transfer
  • Make purchases in person or online

Comparing credit cards can help you choose one that accepts you and that saves you the most money, gives the best rewards and can be used how you need it.

The comparison above lists credit cards of every type and their interest rates, but you can compare specific types once you have worked out what you need:


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Paying off existing debt

  1. Pay off an existing credit card and save with a balance transfer offer. They can give you a 0% period to pay back what you owe interest free; compare them here.
  2. Pay off a loan or overdraft with a money transfer credit card. You then pay back what you borrow, usually with an interest free period. Compare money transfer cards here.

Paying off existing debt

  1. Pay off a purchase over several months with a card that offers a 0% interest period. These let you spread the cost of a purchase interest free; compare them here.
  2. Able to pay off what you spend every month? Earn cashback, air miles and other rewards. Compare cashback cards, use our air miles comparison or consider other rewards.
  3. Spend abroad with a card with low fees for transactions outside the UK. Our comparison shows the fees and interest for foreign transactions and cash withdrawals